Emilia Kazandjian

Emilia Kazandjian — The Queen of The Abkhasian Mountains. 

In 1877 a Tiffany stone was found, that brought the title of the Diamond King to Charles Tiffany, Tiffany&Co founder. Our Magazine is like the diamond explorer, because we would like to introduce you a precious and unique woman comparable to a Pink Star diamond, fashionable person, business-lady and charity dealer – Emilia Kazandjian.

Our “Pink Star” was born in a paradise place, in Abkhasia. Since childhood a beauty was surrounded with all the best things, but the war had crushed everything she and her family had. They escaped to Moscow, where she was continuing getting the education.

She got the Diploma in the sphere of Arts, after what a brunette decided to move to New York to get the education in economics and business. Having been graduated from the Columbian University with the knowledge of League, Emilia moved back to Moscow to run a family business.

Some years passed and Emilia became a very successful person in the sphere of a luxury real estate. “Pink Star” was eager to get all the experience from the “jeweler” –Grigory Kazandjian, her father, who knows business sphere as well as Donald Trump. According to this we have an opinion that “Foerbes” forgot how to count someone’s money. But now we are about other things.

Having reached the material goals Emilia started to shine bright with other tables of her personality. She Became a fashionable lady of Moscow high society.

“Pink Star” played the main role in “Black Star” production clip, started to attend the charity events on the luxurious villas at Cote d’Azzur, wrote a book about her idol, became an ambassador of Grisogono Jewelry, took part in runaway shows with famous couturieres. All the life style media are speckling with her photos from the Red Carpet, Fashion TV is demonstrating her getting different awards, all the successful men are dreaming to marry her… But she escaped from this buzzing life on her Bugatti Veyron, to be concentrated on high and generous things.

The most important things for Emilia were her national traditions. She was educated in strong Caucasian values. Due to this fact she appreciated her family, she is a decent daughter with a great respect for older generation, loving mother and caring and modest wife.

Had been left her family “Pink Star” married a man with a brave heart who has a hot blood in his vines and was born in Caucasian Mountains. She gave a light to her son prince Adam. Emilia believes that you can’t get more precious award from God than healthy parents, loving children and generous husband.

If you are a diamond you should just enjoy the things going around! But this is not about our “Pink Star”. She is always in progress, developing herself. Emilia founded a Charity Found “Madonna Lily” that helps many poor families at the verge of starvation in Abkhasia, and also children with heavy diseases. Knowing that everyone would admit that to have such a kind and loving heart like Emilia’s is a rare thing for nowadays!

Not so long ago Mrs Kazanjian wrote a book about Alexander the Great that is called “Alexander the great. Passion and reason”. Why are we remembering this now? Because we would admit that Emilia is  like the main hero of her book on her Bucefallo horse in a face of “Madonna Lily” found struggling and vanquishing not the Darius but all the evil on Earth.

“Madonna Lily” supports the families who suffering from long armed conflicts in Abkhasia and heavy-sick children. It should be noted that at this moment Emilia’s found supports several schools, kindergardens, hospitals in Russia. The charity foundation also takes part in renovation and building of churches, constructing of sport complexes for children, building play grounds. But Emilia is too modest to tell about.

Some time ago the charity found “Madonna Lily” participated in an interesting charity project in London “Global Gift Gala” organized by Eva Longoria and Ricky Martin. Mrs Kazanjian was honoured to get personally an Award from Victoria Beckham and Eva Longoria for her great actions in the field of charity.

Flavio Briatore, Favaz Gruozi, P. Diddy, Jacob Arabo, Fransois Graff, David Rapp, and of course Moscovites of A-list. Not be modest we should add that some European monarch families are participating in “Madonna Lily” projects.

We know that the very notion of luxury differs for everybody. For someone it’s private jet, for someone it’s designer clothes. But just a small part of humanity today remembers that only kindness is the highest value that will not disappear. By doing charity the Kazanjian family doesn’t aimed to get any regalia for this.

It would be so wonderful if other elite representatives could boast not their material possessions but their good deals as our “Pink Star”. So time is running so fast and there is no chance to stay aside from doing charity. Make good things, taking off your “Jacob&Co” watch, our dear Rolls-Royce owners! Let the greedy people sit in the shadow with their 5-carats on a finger…

P.S. To summer up, I would wish Emilia to stay such a generous and decent daughter, wife and mother as she is now. I wish that “Madonna Lily” foundation would  ring even more good to this world. Not to forget, we would also add that probably all the sheikhs and oligarkhs dressed by Mr Gucci personally  would be surprised that “Forbes” cover face Abramovich contributed his “Eclipse” to Emilia’s foundation. The Queen of The Abkhasian Mountains defuses a “Pink Star” by her natural brightness and depth of her great heart!

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